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We manufacture multiple diamond wire saws, the RTDs, which are able to perform CROPPING, SHAPING and DICING and at the highest speed and with high speed and precision in the toughest and most fragile materials.

RTDs are ideal for low to medium production volume, production house or Research and Development facility.

Compared to blade saws, IWT's RTD saws have superior throughput and efficiency, and allow minimal material destruction.

Summary of features and benefits of the RTD range:

  • Low shearing of the material for a low destructive cut
  • Superior quality and cut consistency over single cutting technology
  • An increase in the number of platelets produced
  • An economical cutting method because it reduces, or eliminates secondary processes
  • Low cost consumables and simplified maintenance

 Equipped with very flexible software, RTDs allow the cutting of a wide variety of materials, and reproducible cuts of high quality.

 With a small footprint, and maintenance-friendly, the installation time of the RTD saw is also the shortest on the market.

 Thanks to its quiet operation and ecological use of all its components, RTDs limit their impact on the environment.


Our sales team is ready to give you any further information and establish a personalized quotation. 

Download here our technical data sheet RTD :

  scie multi-fil série RTD

RTD silicone slices